Pillar 4: Space and Earth

Pillar 4, Space and earth explores the outer space and the earth

4.1 Theory (15)

• Cosmological theory* 

4.2 Space (16)

Astronomy: cosmological theory*, astrophysics, astrogeology, astrobiology, planetary science

4.3 Earth

4.3.1 Surface and substance (17)

Physical geography: atmospheric sciences (climatology, meteorology), biogeography, geomorphology, hydrology, oceanography, pedology, glaciology, cartography

Geology: mineralogy, petrology, structural geology, volcanology, geophysics (seismology, geodesy), geochemistry

Soil science: pedology

4.3.2 Interrelations (18)

Agriculture: horticulture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquaculture, fishery

Environmental sciences (ecology)

• Natural hazards