Pillar 6: Body and mind

6.1 Theory (24)
    Philosophy of mind
   • Philosophy of human biology
   • Human bioethics

6.2 Basic sciences (25)
   Human biology
   • Psychology
   • Cognitive science
   • Neuroscience

    Forensic science
    Sports science

6.3 Health and wellbeing

   6.3.1 Medical sciences (26)
   • Dentistry

   6.3.2 Paramedical Studies (27)
      Emergency Medical Services
      Physical Therapy
      Occupational Therapy
      Speech Therapy
      Clinical Psychology
      Addiction Studies
      Art Therapy
      Animal-assisted Therapy
      Genetic Counseling
      Nutrition and Dietetics
      Public Health
      Medical Laboratory Science
      Radiography and Medical Imaging

   6.3.3 Complementary medicine (28)
      Herbal Medicine
      Massage Therapy
      Medical Clowning