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10 pillars of knowledge: map of human knowledge
foundations of Knowledge - Diderot and D'Alembert's Encyclopédie, Marie-Lan Nguyen, 2010, CC –BY- SA 2.0.©
Supernatural - God creates man (Michelangelo, Ceiling of Sistine Chapel)© Matter and Energy - Sun (NASA).© Space and Earth - Solar System Montage (NASA, 2000).© Gorilla Non-Human Organisms - Gorilla (Credit: E. De Merode, NASA ).© Human Body and Mind. Courtesy of US Army image gallery.© Human Society - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948 (United Nations, 1949).© Human Thought and Art – The Vitruvian Man (Leonardo da Vinci, 1492).© Technology - Space Shuttle Columbia as it lifts off from Launch Pad 39A on mission STS-107 (NASA, 2003).© Human History - The French Revolution (July revolution. July 28, 1830), "Liberty Leading the People", (Eugene Delacroix, 1830).©
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Engineering is the study and practice of discovering, inventing, developing, designing, and utilizing technologies. It is a discipline and an art (profession). It combines knowledge and skills; involves scientific principles and practical guidelines and the ability to implement them in real environments.  (C. Zins, 2011). 
2. Professions. Fields: Engineering. Image: Alexander Graham Bell speaking into a prototype telephone, 1876.©
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Branches. Engineering has dozens of branches, among them aerospace, agricultural, biomedical, chemical, civil (construction – building), environmental, geotechnical (geological and geographical), hydraulic (water), structural (buildings and structures, e.g., bridges, dams, and transportation), computer,electrical, electronic, industrial, mechanical and military engineering..  (C. Zins, 2011). .
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Mario Samudio
University of Cundinamarca, Colombia

I am a student of Systems Engineering at the University of Cundinamarca, Colombia. Where do you place on the 10PK map the field of systems engineering? Systems engineering provides a holistic view on the engineering of complex systems? (March 13, 2013)

Chaim Zins: Systems engineering is associated with engineering, which is placed in Pillar 9 (technology), cat 2 (professions) (cat. 65). However, we still need to clarify the conception of systems engineering in order to determine if it is a distinct field of knowledge. This should be done with experts in systems engineering. (March 13, 2013).
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