Knowledge Mapping Research
The Knowledge Tree
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ידע Pillar 1: Knowledge 

1.1 Theory 
Philosophy of knowledgePhilosophy of science 
1.2 Context 
History of science | Sociology of knowledge

1.3 Methodology
Methodology of science 
1.4 Mediation
Information science | Museology | Scientometrics

1.1 Theory 
   The philosophical basis of knowledge

  • Philosophy of knowledge
     (Epistemology) (W)
    The essence and boundries of knowledge
  • Philosophy of science (W)
     The essence and foundations of science

 1.2 Context 
       Place and time of creating and using knowledge

  • History of science (W)
    Developments of science from ancient times

  • Sociology of knowledge (W)
    The social aspects of human knowledge

 1.3 Methodology
       Scientific methodologies

• Methodology of science (W)
    Scientific methodologies

 1.4 Mediation
      Mediation of knowledge from sources to users 

  • Information science (W)
    Mediation of knowledge from sources to users

   • Philosopy of information science (W)
      Philosophical aspects of knowledge mediation  

  • Museology (W)
    Museums and knowledge accessibility

  • Scientometrics (W)
    quantitative studies of scientific literature

The knowledge pillar 

The knowledge pillar studies the foundations of human knowledge. These are the philosophical, sociological, historical, methodological, and mediating aspects of knowledge.

meta-knowledge. The knowledge pillar is the meta-knowledge (knowledge about knowledge) of human knowledge. It includes fields that are focused on human knowledge per se.

Knowledge. Based on the classical definition of knowledge, which was presented by Plato in the dialogue Theaetetus, knowledge is a justified true belief. The epistemological literature has thoroughly debated this definition; still, it is generally accepted. Knowledge is embodied as a thought in the mind of the knowing person or as documented statements, written or recorded, in real documents. The Knowledge Tree classifies documented knowledge.