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 Pillar 5: Non-human organisms 

5.1 Theory 
Philosophy of biologyBioethics
5.2 Basic sciences
BiologyAgriculture (flora & fauna)
.3 Health and wellbeing 
Veterinary medicine

5.1 Theory 

Philosophy of biology (W)
    Philosopjy of life  

Bioethics (W)

5.2 Basic sciences

Biology (W)


      Philosophy of biology (W)
        Philosopjy of biological sciences

      History of Biology (W)
         History of biological sciences


     • Anatomy (W)
        Structures of organisms


       Philosophy of anatomy
            Philosophical and ethical issues

       History of anatomy (W)

     Gross anatomy (or Gross anatomy)
     Microscopic anatomy

     • Astrobiology (W)

Biochemistry (W)
hemistry in living organisms

     • Biophysics (W)
      Physics in biological systems

       • Biomechanics (W)
            Mechanical aspects 

     • Biogeography (W)
         Distribution of biological species

     • Bioinformatics (W)
          Computational systems in biological studies

     • Biostatistics (W)

     • Biotechnology (W)

Botany (W)
         Plant sciences

     • Cell biology (cytology) (W)
         Cell sciences 

     Conservation biology (W)
 Protecting the Earth's biodiversity

     • Developmental biology (W)
         Development of living organisms

       • Embryology (W)
            Fetal development

       • Evolutionary developmental biology (W)
            (see too evolutionary biology)
            Understanding development by evolution studies
     • Ecology (W)
         Relations with physical environments

Evolutionary biology (W)
         Development of the diversity of life

       • Evolutionary developmental biology (W)
            (see too developmental biology)
            Understanding evolution by development studies

Genetics (W)
Genes, genetic variation, and heredity

     • Histology (W)
         Anatomy of biological tissues

     • Immunology (W)
         Immune systems

     • Marine biology (W)

Microbiology (W)
        Microscopic organisms 

       Cellular microbiology (W)
           Microbial cells

       • Bacteriology (W)

       • Virology (W)

     • Molecular Biology (W)
         Focus on moleculs

     • Physiology (W)
        Functions and acttivities of living matter

     • Photobiology (W)
         Non-ionizing radiation

     • Radiobiology (W)

     • Zoology (W)


  Agriculture* (W)
        Flora and fauna


     Philosophy of agriculture

     History of agriculture (W)


     Agronomy (W)
       Soil management and crop production

5.3 Health and wellbeing 

Veterinary medicine (W)


     Philosophy of veterinary medicine
        (including veterinary ethics (W)
        The philosophical basis and moral considerations

     History of veterinary medicine


     • Veterinary anesthesia
         Anesthesia and pain care

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The non-human organisms pillar