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10 pillars of knowledge: map of human knowledge
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Standard Disclaimer

This website is composed of various R&D projects. The contents of this website - including all the R&D projects -  are based on a scientific study in the field of information science. To the best of our knowledge it is accurate. Nevertheless, if you wish to implement them for practical purposes, you need to consult with experts in the relevant fields.

This website has links to external websites. These links are being provided for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval of any of the contents of the external sites. We do not bear no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links.


Contents. All the contents of this website - including all the contents of the R&D projects, the structures of the maps, the terminology, the graphical designs, the titles, etc. - are copyright protected. All rights reserved to Chaim Zins. This site is not in the public domain. It is strictly forbidden to copy and save the map, edit, revise and translate it to other languages, and\or use the structure in information systems, without a written consent from Chaim Zins.

Images, photographs, and illustrations are copyrighted by their respective owners, as noted in the credits. Please note that to the best of our knowledge all of the images are copyright free, published under a Creative Commons license, or the copyright holders gave direct or indirect permission to use them. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to check it with the respective owners. Currently, we are in a process of getting permission from all the copyright holders to use their images. If you have any comment, question or claim regarding the copyright of specific images and contents, please contact us, and we will sort it out. We respond to every message that we get. If you do not get response to your message, please try again and use other methods of communication.

Discussions and forums. You will get the full academic credit to your contributions. Note that by posting contributions you give us permission to publish them and freely use them in future editions and applications of the R&D projects and their derivative products, without any restrictions and conditions. If you have any terms, please let us know and make sure that you get a 
a written consent from Chaim Zins.


We, the owners of this website, do not collect personal data on the users. We do not follow and monitor the traffic and the personal data and identity of users. Still, we do use general data for statistical purposes and traffic analysis.  In addition, we install in our web pages codes that we get from various resources (for example: Google, Amazon, etc). These codes may (or may not) collect personal data on our users. We can not control, or take any legal responsibility for the use of our web pages to monitor and/or collecting personal data on our users. Therefore, we advice our users to be aware that by using this website their personal data may be collected!!!

To summarize: We (the owners of the Success websites) do not collect personal data on our users, but we can not guarantee that your personal data is not being collected while using the Success websites. By using the Success various websites you are aware to the possibility and agree that your personal data is being collected.

Legal Notices

We reserve the right to update this page from time to time. It is your responsibility to check this page and comply. In any case of unresolved legal dispute note that we are bound to the Israeli law. By using the Success various websites you agree to the terms and conditions stated above. 

February 2013
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