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10 pillars of knowledge: map of human knowledge
知識の10の柱 - 10 Pillars of Knowledge: Map of Human Knowledge (Japanese)
Author: Dr. Chaim Zins
Translation: Ms. Kyoko Oki

Editorial Comments by Ms. Kyoko Oki:
“Architecture” in Pillar 8 (THOUGHT & ART)
In this map, “architecture” is in the category of Arts - Non-Literary, Pillar 8.  I cannot definitely tell whether engineering aspects are more significant than artistic aspects in Japanese architecture, but, architecture could be perceived in Japan as a field of knowledge in engineering, rather than a field in arts.
The tradition of architecture over there is that the structural side (e.g., structural mechanics) drew very strong attentions in the past.  It is believed that this is due to the very existence of earthquakes, which damage and sometimes destroy buildings and, as a result, the majority of Japanese universities established their department of architecture within the faculty of engineering.  So, while people do know that there are artistic aspects in architecture, along with others (e.g., social, cultural and environmental aspects), and probably give greater appreciations to them than, say, two decades ago, architecture could still be perceived as an engineering field.
(In the Nippon Decimal Classification, “Architecture” is under the main class of “Technology and Engineering”.  In the National Diet Library Classification, on the other hand, it comes under the main class of “The Arts, Language, Literature”, and it seems the engineering side of architecture, e.g., Structural Design, is accommodated in the main class of “Science and Technology”).
June 2009   Copyright Dr. Chaim Zins, Jerusalem, 2002-2009. All rights reserved. 
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