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10 pillars of knowledge: map of human knowledge
Knowledge Tree
Chaim Zins                                                                                     
foundations of Knowledge - Diderot and D'Alembert's Encyclopédie, Marie-Lan Nguyen, 2010, CC –BY- SA 2.0.©
Supernatural - God creates man (Michelangelo, Ceiling of Sistine Chapel)©
Matter and Energy - Sun (NASA).©
Space and Earth - Solar System Montage (NASA, 2000).©
Gorilla Non-Human Organisms - Gorilla (Credit: E. De Merode, NASA ).©
Human Body and Mind. Courtesy of US Army image gallery.©
Human Society - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948 (United Nations, 1949).©
Human Thought and Art – The Vitruvian Man (Leonardo da Vinci, 1492).©
Technology - Space Shuttle Columbia as it lifts off from Launch Pad 39A on mission STS-107 (NASA, 2003).©
Human History - The French Revolution (July revolution. July 28, 1830), "Liberty Leading the People", (Eugene Delacroix, 1830).©

Living World

Knowledge Supernatural Universe Humans

The knowledge tree presents the structure of contemporary human knowledge.
Discuss the knowledge tree and its rationale!

Pillar 1: Foundations

foundations of Knowledge - Diderot and D'Alembert's Encyclopédie, Marie-Lan Nguyen, 2010, CC –BY- SA 2.0.©
Foundations studies the basics of human knowledg. (Morre...) 
1. Theory. Fields: Philosophy of Knowledge (Epistemology), Philosophy of Science. Image: Aristotle, marble copy of bronze by Lysippos. Louvre Museum.
© 1. Theory (1)
 Philosophy of knowledge (Epistemology)  
          En Epistemology (W)Epistemology (SEP).
»   Knowledge (W)Knowledge  (SEP).
          »   Trouth (W)Trouth (SEP).
          M  Best of 3D Street Art Illusions (YouTube).
»    Magic's Secrets Revealed (YouTube). (43:03)
»    Animal Planet: Mermaids (Discovery) / It's a Hoax (CNN)!
                A mockumentary on mermaids.
»    The Dark Secret of Hendrik Schoen (BBC). on YouTube.
                A documentary on the scientific scandal. (48:03). 

       Philosophy of science  
          En Philosophy of science (W) 
          »   Science (W); Science (SEP)
          M Science Under Attack (BBC) on YouTube (59:39).
history of science - Galileo Galilei facing the Roman Inquisition (Cristiano Banti, 1857).© 2. Context (Place & Time) (2)
       History of science
          En History of science (W)  
       Sociology of Knowledge
          En Sociology of knowledge (W) 
Louis Pasteur in his laboratory, Albert Edelfelt, 1885; Musée d'Orsay, Paris© 3. Methodology (3)
       Methodology of science
          En Methodology of Science (W)  
Pillar 1: Foundations of Knowledge. Image: Bookshelves. Giuseppe Maria Crespi, 1725 (Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale, Bologna).© 4. Mediation (4)
       Information science
          En Information science (W) 
          M Art of Data Visualization (PBS) (7:44).
          En Museology (W)  
          En Scientometrics (W)
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Pillar 2: Supernatural

Supernatural - God creates man (Michelangelo, Ceiling of Sistine Chapel)©
Supernatural explores religion and mysticism. (More...)
Religious studies: Still life with bible, Van Gogh, 1885, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam© 1. Theory (5)
Religious studies
          En Religious studies (W)
          M  Around the World in 80 Faiths (BBC). Images on Fliker.
                8 episodes on YouTube: Australasia and the Pacific Ring
                of Fire
(59:02), the Far East (58:59), Africa (59:04), the
                Middle East
(58:59), USA (59:00), India (59:00), Latin
(59:02), Europe (58:57). A documentry on 80
                religions and religious practices presented by Pete

2. Mysticism. Fields: Mysticism. Image: Zodiac Mosaic, 6th century, Beit Alpha Synagogue, Israel; courtesy of NASA.© 2.  Mysticism (6)
          En Mysticism (W)
3. Religions (world religions). Image: Study of an Apostle's Hands (Praying Hands), 1508 by Albrecht DÜRER© 3.  Religions 
(1) Ancient (7)
 Egyptian religion
Greek religion
       (2) Monotheism (8)
             M Secrets of Jerusalem's Holliest sites (Natgeotv)
             Judaism (Hebrew)
                M VaticanSaint PeterSistine Chapel ... 
                »  Fronline: From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
                    (Pt. 1)
(1:49:27), (Pt. 2) (1:51:09) (PBS). The story of the
                    life of Jesus and the rise of Christianity.
       (3) Asian (9)
                M The Buddha (PBS)
       (4) Modern (10)
       (5) Ethnic (11)
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Pillar 3: Matter & Energy

Matter and Energy - Sun (NASA).©
Matter & Energy
Matter & energy explores the material universe. (More...)
1. Theory. Fields: Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Space & Time. Image:The Sun. Credit: NASA.© 1. Theory (12)
      Philosophy of physics
     Philosophy of space &time
2. Principles. Fields: Physics. Image: The Albert Einstein's famous equation, e=mc2, on the background of the image of the sun (NASA).© 2. Principles (13)
         En Physics (W)
         M  Greatest Discoveries in Physics (Discovery)
         »   Known Universe: The Fastest (Natgeotv)
3. Substances. Fields: Chemistry. Image: The Periodic Table on the background of the image of the sun (NASA).
© 3. Substances (14)
         En Chemistry (W) 
         M Greatest Discoveries in Chemistry (Discovery)
»  Periodic Table (PTV)          

Pillar 4: Space & Earth

Space and Earth - Solar System Montage (NASA, 2000).©
Space & Earth
Space & Earth explores the outer space and the earth. (More...)
1. Theory. Fields: Cosmological Theories – Artist's view of a star birth in the Lynx Arc (NASA, ESA, and Robert A. E. Fosbury).© 1. Theory (15)
      Cosmological theory  
2. Space. Fields: Astronomy. Image: Saturn. The image is composed from a series of 126 pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft, in October 2004. source: NASA.© 2. Space (16) 
         M Digital Universe 
         »   Beauty of Space Photography (PBS) (6:37)
         »   Greatest Discoveries in Astronomy (Discovery)
         »   Known Universe: Cosmic Collisions (Natgeotv) (33:32).
         »   Known Universe: Stellar Storms (Natgeotv)
         »   Known Universe: Decoding the Skies (Natgeotv)
3. Earth. Image: This classic photograph was taken on December 7, 1972 by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the Moon. The belt of vegetation that crosses Africa below the Sahara is very dark because most of the sunlight is absorbed by plants for photosynthesis (source: NASA).© 3. Earth 
Surface and Substance (17)
              M Greatest Discoveries in Earth Science (Discovery)

Physical Geography
              M Known Universe: Stellar Storms (Natgeotv)
»  Storm Chasers (Discovery). Tornado and weather
                   research by professional storm chasers.
»  Tornados by Tim and Paul Samaras (Natgov).
                 A tornado crosses Kansas highway (2:04). 
R World Heritage (UNESCO) 
           Soil Science
      (2) Interrelations (18)
           Environmental Sciences
              M Dolphins rescue in Brazil by Gerd Traue

           Natural Hazards
              M The Quake (PBS). .Documentry on the Haiti's
                   catastrophic earthquake on January 12, 2010 (56:12).
              »   Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown (PBS) (54:40).
              »  Storm Channel (YouTube)               

Pillar 5: N/H Organisms

Gorilla Non-Human Organisms - Gorilla (Credit: E. De Merode, NASA ).©
Non-human Organisms
Non-human Organisms explores the non-human living world  (More...)
1. Theory. Fields: Philosophy of Biology, Bioethics. Image: The remains of Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from a cell of an adult sheep, are exhibited at the Royal Museum of Scotland.© 1. Theory (19)
     Philosophy of Biology 
2. Basic Sciences. Fields: Biology. Image: The Trochilidae; The 99th plate illustration from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (1904), showing a variety of hummingbirds.© 2. Basic Sciences (20)
        M Planet Earth  (BBC). A nature documentry narrated by Sir
             David Attenborough
»   Greatest Discoveries in Evolution
»   Underwater by Nick Hope (Bubble Vision)    
3. Health and Wellbeing. Fields: Veterinary Medicine. Image: Love Me, Love My Dog, Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792)©  3. Health and Wellbeing (21)
Veterinary Medicine

Pillar 6: Body & Mind

Human Body and Mind. Courtesy of US Army image gallery.©
Body & Mind
Body & Mind explores the human body and mind. (More...)
1. Theory. Fields: Philosophy of Life, Philosophy of Mind, Bioethics. Image: A page from Leonardo's journal showing his study of a fetus in the womb (c. 1510) Royal Library, Windsor Castle.
© 1. Theory (22)
     Philosophy of (Human) Life
     Philosophy of (Human) Biology
     Philosophy of Mind
        M Frontline: The Suicide Plan (PBS). Documentry on
             the ethical and legal  controversial issue of
             assisting sick people to die/commit suicide (1:23:41).

2. Basic Sciences. Fields: Human Biology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science. Image: Anatomy – The Anatomy Lecture of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, (Rembrandt, Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1632; Mauritshuis, The Hague).© 2. Basic Sciences (23)
Human Biology
Cognitive Science  
Human Body and Mind. Care of the Sick (detail), Domenico di Bartolo, 1441-42; Fresco,© 3. Health and Wellbeing
     (1) Medical Sciences (24)
             M Greatest Discoveries in Medicine (Discovery)
     (2) Paramedical Studies (25)
           Clinical) Psychology
           Occupational Therapy  
           Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) 
           Public Health 
           Speech Therapy  
      (3) Complementary Medicine (26)
Ayurvedic Medicine
    Chinese Medicine

Pillar 7: Society

Human Society - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948 (United Nations, 1949).©
Society studies the various aspects of human social life. (More...)
Human Society - Gassed, John Singer Sargent, 1918; Imperial War Museum, London.© 1. Theory (27)
Philosophy of Social Sciences
      Social Philosophy   
Human Society - Maslenitsa, Boris Kustodiyev, 1919; Isaak Brodsky Museum, Saint. Petersburg.© 2. Society at-large
     (1) General (28)
              M Why Poverty? [a global project]  
              R World Heritage (UNESCO)   
Human Geography 
     (2) Area-Based (29)
           Area Studies
              R World Heritage (UNESCO)
             (classified by area)
Education. Kindergarten in Amsterdam, Max Liebermann.jpg© 3. Domains  
     (1) Community
Communication (30)
                   (classify by language)  
                Communication Studies 
          [2] Contract (31)
Political Science 
          [3] Codes (32)
                   M Frontline: The Suicide Plan (PBS). Documentry
                       on the ethical and legal  controversial issue of
                       assisting sick people to die/commit suicide 

The Real CSI (PBS) [Forensic Science*]
          [4] Conduct (33) 
Social Psychology 
     (2) Human Needs & Activities
          [1] Defense and security (34)
                Military Studies
                Police Studies
          [2] Health and wellbeing (35)
                Health Policy
          [3] Economics (36)
                   M Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street
                        (Pt. 1)
, (Pt. 2), (Pt. 3), (Pt. 4) (PBS). A
                        documentry on the 2008 global cricis 
                        (54:32), (57:26), (56:22)
   »  Why Poverty? [a global project]
          [4] Education (37)
          [5] Labor and employment (38)
                Labor studies
          [6] Welfare (39)
                Social Policy
                   M Why Poverty? [a global project]  
                Social Work
          [7] Transportation (40)
                Transportation management
          [8] Housing (41)
                Housing management
          [9] Urban planning (42)
                Urban planning management
          [10] Law and conflict resolution (43)
                Conflict Resolution
          [11] Culture (44)
                Culture studies
          [12] Communication and media (45)
                Media studies
                Public relations
          [13] Recreation (46)
                Recreation Studies
          [14] Sport (47)
                Sport Studies
     (3) Management & Administration (48)
Management studies
Tahitian Women on the Beach, Paul Gauguin, 1891; Musée d'Orsay, Paris.© 4. Social Groups
     (1) Gender (49)
          Women's Studies
          Men's Studies 
     (2) Age (50)  
Youth Studies  
     (3) Ethnicity (51)
Ethnicity-based Studies
             (ethnic classification)
     (4) Interest (52)
Family Studies
Gay & Lesbian Studies
          Addiction-based Studies

Pillar 8: Thought & Art

Human Thought and Art – The Vitruvian Man (Leonardo da Vinci, 1492).©
Thought & Art
Thought & Art deals with the products of the human intellect, and the arts. (More...)
1.1 Reason (Theory). Fields: Philosophy. Image: The Death of Socrates (details), by Jacques-Louis David, 1787 (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).© 1. Thought
      (1) Reason (53)
      (2) Representation (54)
            Philosophy of  Language
      (3) Relations (55)
M Does Math Really Exist?
2. Literature. Image: An illustration from The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning; Illustrator: Kate Greenaway, 1888; Courtesy of the Library of Congress.© 2. Literary Arts 
      (1) Theory (56)
            Literary Theory 
      (2) Arts (57)
The Arts - Musical fête, Giovanni Paolo Pannini, 1747; Musée du Louvre, Paris.© 3. ArtsNon-Literary
      (1) Theory (58)
            Philosophy of Art
      (2) Forms (59)
Conceptual Art
               M The School of Athens by Raphael (Columbia University)
» The Scream by Edvard Munch - versions & variations
                   (Munch Museum) (8:17).
Theatrical Entertainment   
               M Charlie Cpaplin's: The Tramp (1915),
                   The Gold Rush (1925), Modern Times (1936)
                   The Great Dictator (1941)  

               R Movies (Internet Archive)
»  Free Movies Online (Open Culture)
          Digital Arts
M Is Photoshop Remixing the World? (PBS) (5:43). 
               »  Art of Creative Coding
            Applied & Design Arts
      (3) Time (60)
            Art History
Sacred of the Dead: Michelangelo Revealed (PBS)  
The story of Michelangelo (52:32).
      (4) Place (61)
            African Art
            American Art
            Asian Art
            European Art
      (5) Ethnicity (62)
            African American Art
            Jewish Art
      (5) Interest (63)
            Biblical Art

Pillar 9: Technology

Technology - Space Shuttle Columbia as it lifts off from Launch Pad 39A on mission STS-107 (NASA, 2003).©
Technology explores human-based technologies and technology based professions. (More...)
1. Theory. Fields: Philosophy of Technology. Image: Atomic bomb mushroom. Operation Castle, ROMEO Event - The 11-megaton ROMEO Event was part of Operation Castle. It was detonated from a barge near Bikini atoll on 26 March 1954. Source: DOE/NNSA.© 1. Theory (64)
      Philosophy of Technology
      History of Technology    
2. Professions. Fields: Engineering. Image: Alexander Graham Bell speaking into a prototype telephone, 1876.© 2. Professions (65)
 3. Technologies. Image: Image: Astronaut in space (NASA).© 3. Technologies  
      (1) Sciences (66)
            Artificial intelligence
            Computer Science
            Materials Science
            Nuclear Technology  
      (2) Needs & Activities (67)
            Educational Technology  
            Food Technology   
            Information Technology
            Transportation Technology
      (3) Materials (68)
           Ceramic Technology  
           Glass Technology  
           Iron Technology
           Mineral Technology
           Wood Technology  
      (4) Processes (69)
           Cutting Technology  
          Freezing Technology

Pillar 10: History

Human History - The French Revolution (July revolution. July 28, 1830), "Liberty Leading the People", (Eugene Delacroix, 1830).©
History focuses on recorded human history. (More...)
Human History - Philosophy of history, the holocaust© 1. Theory (70)
       Philosophy of History
2. Universal Memory. Fields: History, Archeology. Image: The Declaration of Independence (July 4th, 1776); a painting by John Trumbull.© 2. Universal Memory (71)
          M The Man Who Saved the World (PBS)  [1962]
          »  Known Universe: Decoding the Skies (Natgeotv)
»  Ultimate Tut (PBS)  [The Egyptian Pharao Tutankhamun]
3. Relations. Fields: Genealogy. Image: The family tree of Herzog Ludwig I of Württemberg (ruled 1568-1593).© 3. Relations (72)

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