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 Knowledge Map of Information Science: Map
Information Science: Conceptions & Models. The British Museum Reading Room, London. This building used to be the main reading room of the British Library; now it is itself a museum exhibit. Source: Wikipedia.
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Resources (ICISC)  - A comprehensive list of academic and professional organizations, events (conferences, etc.), publications, and resources.
 Academic studies worldwide ( - A world list of academic institutions maintained by Prof. T. Wilson.
National Libraries of the World: Address List.(IFLA)  - List of national libraries maintained by IFLA.
National Library Catalogues Worldwide - Links to national library catalogues and websites worldwide.
Free journals & newsletters ( - The list is  maintained by Prof. T. Wilson.

 ASIS&T - The American Society for Information Science and Technology.
IEEE  - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 
IFLA - The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
IFIP - The International Federation for Information Processing.
ISKO - International Society for Knowledge Organization.        

Journal of Documentation -
Journal of the American Society for Information Science (JASIST) -
Knowledge Organization  
Brazilian Journal of Information Science     

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