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10 pillars of knowledge: map of human knowledge
Tree: Matter & Energy
foundations of Knowledge - Diderot and D'Alembert's Encyclopédie, Marie-Lan Nguyen, 2010, CC –BY- SA 2.0.©
Supernatural - God creates man (Michelangelo, Ceiling of Sistine Chapel)©
Matter and Energy - Sun (NASA).©
Space and Earth - Solar System Montage (NASA, 2000).©
Gorilla Non-Human Organisms - Gorilla (Credit: E. De Merode, NASA ).©
Human Body and Mind. Courtesy of US Army image gallery.©
Human Society - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948 (United Nations, 1949).©
Human Thought and Art – The Vitruvian Man (Leonardo da Vinci, 1492).©
Technology - Space Shuttle Columbia as it lifts off from Launch Pad 39A on mission STS-107 (NASA, 2003).©
Human History - The French Revolution (July revolution. July 28, 1830), "Liberty Leading the People", (Eugene Delacroix, 1830).©

Living World

Knowledge Supernatural Universe Humans

Matter and energy explores the basics of the physical universe  (C. Zins, 2011)..

Pillar 3: Matter & Energy

Key concepts (Wikipedia): Natural sciences; universe; energy; matter, space, time; energy     

(12-14) Category Field En Encyclopedic article M Media (images, videos, virtual tours) C Course R Information resources

Matter and Energy - Sun (NASA).©
Matter & Energy
1. Theory. Fields: Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Space & Time. Image:The Sun. Credit: NASA.© 1. Theory (12)
     studies the philosophical foundations of the physical universe.
     Philosophy of physics*
         = The study of the philosophical basis of  the physical world.
         En Philosophy of physics (W)
Philosophy of space and time
         = Study of the philosophical basis of  space & time.
         En Philosophy of space and time (W)
What is Space? (Nova, PBS on YouTube) (55:43).
»   The illusion of Time (Nova, PBS on YouTube) (55:42), 
2. Principles. Fields: Physics. Image: The Albert Einstein's famous equation, e=mc2, on the background of the image of the sun (NASA).© 2. Principles (13)
     explores the principles and laws of the physical universe.  
         = The study of the diversified faces of the material universe.
         En Physics (W)
         »   Theoretical physics (W)  
         »   Experimental physics (W)
         M Greatest Discoveries in Physics (Discovery)
         »   Known Universe: The Fastest (Natgeotv)
         »   The Fabrics of the Cosmos (Nova, PBS) on YouTube:
              (1) What is Space? (55:43), (2) The illusion of Time (55:42),
              (3) Quantum Leap (54:54), (4) Universe or Multiverse (55:47)

        Philosophy of physics*
             = The study of the foundations of the field of physics.
             En Philosophy of physics (W)
             En Astrophysics (W)* (see Astronomy (W))
          Atomic physics, molecular physics, and optical physics 
             En Atomic physics, molecular physicsoptical physics (W) 
             En Mechanicsclassical and continuum mechanics (W) 
             En Optics (W) 
         Electricity*  Magnetism*
             En Electricity* (W) 
             En Magnetism*(W)  
             En Electromagnetism (W)   
             En Acoustics (W)   
             En Thermodynamics (W) 
          Quantum mechanics
             En Quantum mechanics (W)
             M  Quantum Leap (Nova, PBS on YouTube) (54:54)
         Nuclear physics
             En Nuclear physics (W)  
         Particle physics
             En Particle physics (W) 
         Condensed matter physics...
             En Condensed matter physics (W) 
3. Substances. Fields: Chemistry. Image: The Periodic Table on the background of the image of the sun (NASA).© 3. Substances (14)
     explores the substances of the physical universe.
          = The study of the substances of physical objects:
         En Chemistry (W) 
         M Greatest Discoveries in Chemistry (Discovery)
         »   Periodic Table (PTV) 
         Philosophy of chemistry
             En Philosophy of chemistry (W) 
          Organic chemistry
             En Organic Chemistry (W) 
         Inorganic chemistry
             En Inorganic chemistry (W) 
         Physical chemistry
             En Physical chemistry (W) 
         Analytical chemistry
             En Analytical chemistry (W) 
         Theoretical chemistry
             En Theoretical chemistry (W)
             En Biochemisty (W) 
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