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10pk 9 image Pillar 9: Technology 

9.1 Theory
Philosophy of technology | History of technology
9.2 Professions
9.3 Technologies
9.3.1 Sciences Matter and Energy
Electronics | Nuclear technology | Materials science Earth and Space
Computational astrophysics
Aerospace technology | Marine technology Living World
BiotechnologyAgricultural technology | Medical technologyErgonomics Automation
Computer science | Robotics Integrated Technology
9.3.2 Needs and Activities
Aeronautics | Automotive technology | Building technology | Communication technology | Educational technology | Fire fighting technologyFood technology | Information technology | Military technology | Police technology | Sports technology
9.3.3 Materials
Glass technology | Water technology
9.3.4 Processes
Cooling technologyHeating technology

 9.1 Theory

Philosophy of technology (W)

History of technology (W)

 9.2 Professions

  • Engineering (W)


    • Philosophy of engineering (W)

    • History of engineering (W)



     Nuclear engineering (W)
        Applications of nuclear physics

    Electrical engineering (W)
        Electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism

    Mechanical engineering (W)
        Mechanical systems and energy systems

    Chemical engineering (W)
        Applications of chemistry        

    Geodetic engineering
        Mapping and measuring the earth;
        Applications of Geodesy (W)

Aerospace engineering
        Aircraft and spacecraft

    Agricultural engineering (W)

    Marine engineering (W)
       Watercraft, docks and 

Materials engineering 
        (see Material science, c.

    Food engineering(W)

    Computer engineering (W)

    Civil engineering (W)

    Industrial engineering (W)

    Industrial engineering (W)

    Industrial engineering (W)

 9.3 Technologies

  9.3.1 Sciences Matter and Energy

    Electronics (W)

Nuclear technology (W) 

Materials science (W) Earth and space

    • Computational astrophysics (W)
        Application of computing in astrophysics
        (see Computational astrophysics c.4.2) 

Aerospace technology (W)

Marine technology (W) Living world

     Biotechnology (W)

Agricultural technology (W)

Medical technology (W)

Ergonomics (W) Automation

    Computer science (W)

Robotics (W) Integrated technology

    Nanotechnology (W)

  9.3.2 Needs and activities

   Aeronautics (W)

Automotive technology (W)

Building technology (W)

Communication technology (W)

Educational technology (W)

Fire fighting technology

Food technology (W)

Information technology (W)

Military technology (W)

Police technology

Sports technology

  9.3.3 Materials

Glass (W) technology

Water (W) technology (W)

  9.3.4 Processes

Cooling technology

Heating technology

The Technology pillar